Television presenter Lerato Kganyago did a live on Instagram that was directed to social media blogger and entertainer Owamie Hlogwane.

In the video Lerato said Owamie was always tearing her apart in her videos, such that if she was to be hit by a bus Owamie would be happy.

She narrated how Owamie was celebrating miscarriages saying it was God’s punishment. Lerato has suffered two miscarriages in the past.

Kganyago added that Owamie was promoting hatred towards other women and was so disrespectful while hiding behind entertainment and opinion.


“She uses my name to get views because she knows when people search my name they will view her videos”, Lerato added.

In the video, Lerato revealed that Owamie was offended and is still holding a grudge towards her for blocking and reprimanding her in the past.

According to Lerato, Owamie said Lerato was not marriage material and that she can not carry children.

However, Lerato urged Owamie to let go of the grudge and to stop celebrating other people’s divorces.

In addition to that, she said the blogger was in need of prayers in order to heal from her frustrations, anger and bitterness.

Meanwhile, Owamie denied all the accusations labelled towards her by Lerato saying the television presenter was lying.