Yolz bought her first property in 2014 at the age of 22. They had been renting for years so she wanted to buy her mother and family a home.

Before buying the house, Yolz did numerous conversations of consulting with her banker in order to know her range in terms of property price.

The main reason she bought a house was that she wanted to get her family out of a one roomed shack they rented at her mother’s uncle.

Yolz was working at Nedbank, so she was advised to get a credit card which she paid for every month. After three months of being monitored, she got a credit record which she used to apply for a home loan.


She started looking for an ideal house in the areas of Kelsriver and Parklands in CapeTown. She reduced her expenses and opted to buy a property in Kelsriver because it was close to her workplace.

Yolz bought a brand new double storey property with 3bedrooms and 2bathrooms in a safe and secure complex.

It took her eight weeks to move in with her family after approval. She revealed that going into a 20year loan is something that must not be rushed into.

You have to pay municipal rates and levies for the security in the complex. Payment must be done every month, failure to pay will result in summons.

Yolz said it’s a huge commitment to buy a property because it’s difficult to maintain and to pay back the bank.

She added that one must buy a house after having done research before jumping into it. Buying a property must be done not because others are doing it.

The cost of the house was 700 thousand Rands so she paid four thousand rands a month during the first years. At the moment she pays seven thousand Rands excluding levies and rates.