Sunday Sun Newspaper reports that Businesswoman and former beauty queen, Basetsana Khumalo, was involved in a catfight at a kids party last week.

Basetsana fought with fellow businesswoman, Bongiwe Baleni, whom she accused of taking photos and videos of her while she was dancing with her daughter.

While commenting to Sunday Sun, Bongs said:

I was playing music with my phone and was checking what song to play next. This is when Basetsana abruptly tried to snatch my phone demanding that I show her my pictures. I wasnt going to be bullied by Bassie. Why would I take pictures of Bassie? I am not fazed by her fame and I am not her fan.

People who were at the party said Basetsana jumped at Bongiwe’s phone while screaming that she must delete the footage.


Ma Bongs was asked to leave the party which was at Former Metro FM Manager, Ntshona Sakupwanya’s house.

Please read the full story in today’s Sunday Sun Newspaper…