Veteran actress Vatiswa Ndara made shocking allegations of performers being abused and unfairly treated by South African production houses.

In an open letter tweeted to Culture and Arts Minister Nathi Mthethwa, Ndara detailed unfair level practices, poor remunerations and poor working conditions.

Key Points 

  1. She singled out one production house which is the Ferguson Films, producers of Igazi where she played the character of NomaRussia.
  2. Ndara told the SABC NEWS that performers work very long hours and most of the time they don’t get paid what’s due to them.
  3. She revealed that in 2019, she is still being offered rates of 2005.
  4. She says inflation is not being considered when it comes to artists.
  5. She said turning down the offer on Igazi after only 1 season was her saying it’s enough.
  6. She says she made a lot of attempts to meet the production/ Fergusons before signing the contracts.
  7. Vatiswa said R110 000 for five weeks that was proposed in the contract by the Fergusons  is an insult to her because after tax she would be left with nothing.

Connie and Shona Ferguson threatened legal action following the accusations from Vatiswa Ndara who called them slave masters.


In her letter there are claims of under payment, exploitation, bullying and intimidation.

Vatiswa mentioned that when artists die, there is always crowd funding for the funeral. She said this is evidence that actors are being paid peanuts.

Rami Chuene was fired by the Fergusons from the Queen after she sided with her fellow actress Vatiswa Ndara.