Shauwn Mkhize is a mother, a successful businesswoman and a philanthropist who has an interest in mining ,football and construction amongst other things. She recently did an interview at Gagasi Fm and she had a few things to share with the nation.

According to Shauwn,she is just a proud Zulu girl from Umbumbulu and it’s important that people known that about her because knowing where you come from is very important for ones direction in life.


She also says that there is a lot that people can learn from her show, one of the things being that she tries to be as real as possible and although in the diaries they insist that she puts on makeup she still tries to be as authentic as possible.

What people can take from her show is that, whatever she has right now is not because everything has been rosy but because she has fallen and rose up and looked back at what she could have done wrong , used that as a stepping stone to move forward.

Every year she sets goals that she wants to achieve and it’s not because there is always money lying around to help achieve those goals but because she works towards achieving them.

Although the show has taken people by storm because of the lifestyle it depicts, that’s not the main thing about it, lifestyle just comes with it but there is a story behind the whole show.

Before the show Shawn had no social media account but a young man who she refers to as “Legend” approached her more than 10 times asking her to allow herself to be known by people and teach people a thing or two. She was convinced at last, although It’s all new to her,she has Andile and Sbahle helping her deal with social media and its issues.

She proclaims her mother to be her role model because she was an inspiration to her back then during the time she began being exposed to the business world. Her relationship with her son Andile is that of friends but when things get out of hand she always exercises her power as a mother.

She would like his son to build his own legacy and learn from her so that when she is no more he will be having something going on for himself,so him being with her all the time gives him an opportunity to learn how to run a business and how to deal with problems giving SARS as an example that she dealt with in front of her son.

So this is basically what Shauwn shared on Gagasi FM ,she also said that the first two episodes of her show are just an intro and as I mentioned earlier there is a story to be told and we will see it taking shape from episode 3.