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Did Sam Holdings get Married for a Citizenship?

Sam Mshengu is a South African Based business man and the brains behind Sam Holdings. Sam holdings who is famously known for illegally acquiring his South African citizenship and involvement in fraud has finally tied the note.

Sam Holdings as he is popularly known got married to Lerato Legodi. Sam recently made headlines when he drove a convoy of about 72 cars to Durban July of which 10 of those expensive cars were his. According to Sam his company owns 52 trucks at the moment which ferry goods across the country.

This wedding was sort of a private one as he did not post anything about it but the wife did on her social media. After his arrest Sam came out and said that he was going to stay away from social media as it was not doing him any good.

However after his wedding pictures circulated on social media, somebody on twitter said “But he said the wedding will be on December 14… Guess he had to get that citizenship soonest”.
So some people believe that the reason why he got married was because he wanted a legal South African Citizenship this time as soon as possible. We don’t know any ulterior motives of this wedding but we believe when people get married they do it for love and not what these other people are speculating.

The wedding was extravagant as evident from the pictures and knowing Sam holdings for his expensive taste we wouldn’t have expected anything less. Congratulations to the new couple!