Reality television star and musician Faith Nketsi has accused her husband businessman Nzuzo Njilo of defrauding her.

Nketsi and Njilo tied the knot in April 2022, unfortunately their marriage crumbled in 2023. They were blessed with a baby girl naked Sky during their marriage.

Soon after getting married, Njilo started appearing in court for fraud. Last year, his bank accounts were allegedly frozen because of these court appearances.

It was reported in May 2022 that Faith Nketsi’s husband Nzuzo Njilo was being taken to court by owners of Lund Industries over R1 million he owed them.


In April 2022 reports were saying Nzuzo Njilo was involved in a business deal with Blaine Evans and James Stephens of Lund Industries and he failed to stick to the agreements.

Njilo was reportedly owing these two businessmen close to R1 million.

Nketsi who is also a social media influencer, revealed on her reality show “Have Faith” that her ex-husband defrauded her.