KZN born Sibusiso Kotelo (31), is South Africa ‘s first black pro-card holder.

He told You Magazine that he is on a high protein deit.

He consumes over 4000 Kilojoules every two hours, usually consisting of two cans of tuna, 100 grams of oats, and a banana.

Two hours later, he eats six eggs, a shake made out of two scoops of whey protein and two bananas.


Sibusiso trains at Unique Physique gym in Sandton and will be competing at Mr Olympia in Romania in 2024. He is also a trainer at the gym.

He plans to compete at the Japan Pro Bodybuilding competition later this year.

Last year, he competed at three events, which cost over R1 million for flights, and his team made up of two medical doctors, two coaches, a chiropractor, two massage therapist’s and a boxing trainer.

Please read the full story in this week’s You Magazine- 7 September 2023.