The Police confirmed that the killing of rapper Kiernan Forbes aka AKA was a hit. Hitmen or Inkabi as they are popularly known in IsiZulu, are people hired to carry out a murder.

Inkabi are commonly used in taxi wars, gang wars and political killings. Following the killing of AKA, SABC recently had an interview a hitman.

An inkabi who was interviewed by SABC said they carry out hits on behalf of other people. He said they spend most of the time in church asking for forgiveness.

He revealed that being a hitman is a job and that they do it because of poverty. He mentioned that the job required braveness and boldness.


They research, investigate and track their target’s habits. They also hack the victims’ phones.

The inkabi said payments depend on the client and status for example business people or political leaders.

He revealed that atleast R40 000 going above R50 000 is paid for the job. They also consult Sangomas in order to kill those targets who use muthi.

He went further to say that victims were sold out by their bodyguards. The bodyguards are paid and the police are also involved. Bullets are provided by the police.

Police also warn inkabi when there are threats, road blocks and searches. After carrying out their assignments, hitman go for cleansing.