The Real Housewives franchise is made up of cast members who are rich, who own mansions, fancy cars, designer apparels and who also live an extravagant lifestyle.

It has been revealed that Real Housewives of Johannesburg star Christal Kay has hit hard times and is allegedly homeless.

Zimoja reported that a deal that went wrong has cost the reality television star her luxurious house and luxury lifestyle.

According to Zimoja the star sold her house to Kim Bubu who paid a R5 million deposit and moved in.


In August 2020, the star gave a notice of cancellation in terms of the contract when no payment was forthcoming, this after a three month extension.

The property had been listed for just over R18 million. Christal revealed that her funds are running dry as she continues renting.

She told the publication that she was in need of a job as she was on the verge of going bankrupt.