Pitbulls have killed a lot of people especially children in South Africa which has led to a call to ban the breed. Thousands of people signed petitions calling for the ban of pitbulls.

Others have surrendered their pitbulls to relevant authorities. A woman from Benoni, Belinda Migor has stirred debate following her racial comments while defending pitbulls.

In the audio she said black man were doing far much worse than pitbulls. She said the black men kill, r_ape and steal thus they deserved to be killed, burnt and shot at.

She continued saying black women should have their ovaries and uteruses cut so they stop giving birth to other black people.


She also said the dogs were created by God and that black people were not. Now the woman might go to jail on charges of crimen injuria.

The 60 year old woman will appear in Court on the 27th of  March 2023. She told Times LIVE that she was not a racist.

She said her sugar levels were high that’s why she sent the derogatory voice note because she was not thinking clearly.