Zephany Nurse was stolen as a newborn baby  from her mom Celeste at hospital. Her whole life crumbled when she learnt that she was stolen while she was just a baby.

She suffered from identity crisis and she would wonder when to celebrate her birthday. At the age of 17 she came to know that she was living a lie.

The mother she had known since she was a little baby was not her real mom. Whilst she was in the process of healing and finding herself, Justin Sheldon proposed to her.

It was on her 25th birthday when Cape Town soccer coach expressed his love and willingness to be with her. The two knew each other from church.


The big question came on 30 April because Zephany always believed that she was born on 30 April. This is the day she was stolen from the hospital.

Zephany was kidnapped by Levouna Solomon who named her Miché Solomon. Zephany Nurse’s real birthday is 28 April. She grew up as Levouna and Michael’s daughter.

Zephany’s biological parents Morné and Celeste were heartbroken and devastated when she was stolen at Cape Town’s Groote Shuur Hospital.

Her real identity was discovered when she started attending the same school with her biological sister Cassidy who looked exactly like her.

Blood tests confirmed that they were sisters and Levouna was found guilty of kidnapping. She was sentenced to 10 years behind bars.

Zephany has been raising her two children as a single parent. Now she has Justin to help her raise the kids.