The family of a South African woman, Nomaqocwa Blackie (29), is seeking answers after she was found dead in her flat in Shanghai, China on Monday 18 April 2022.

Nomaqocwa left South Africa in 2017 for Shanghai, where she taught English.

The Sunday World Newspaper reports that Nomaqocwa ‘s friend, Abongile Mboto, who also teaches at the same school in China, became worried when she did not submit her learning materials video in time.

Abongile then gave police access to Nomaqocwa’ s apartment where she was found dead.


A search by of Facebook and Instagram did not reveal any recent identity for Nomaqocwa. An old Twitter account appears to be the only online identity of Nomaqocwa, as if someone has deliberately deleted her online accounts.

An old Twitter profile of Nomaqocwa Blackie from 2012

A search of Abongile revealed a Facebook profile which was active recently after being inactive since she last posted in September 2021.

Abongile Mboto gave Chinese police the code to Nomaqocwa Blackie ‘s flat

In one of her latest posts from August 2021, Abongile posted.

Hello, I’m looking for online English teachers.

•Fast internet speed
•PC, preferably a MacBook (if you don’t have a MacBook, it can be provided)
•Quiet and well lit teaching environment
•Clear and Neutral accent
•Love and passion

Inbox me for more details x

Rate: R150p/h

Abongile recently reappeared again on Facebook , five days ago, and posted.

I haven’t been on Facebook in such a long time.

However, she did not post anything regarding Nomaqocwa ‘s death.

Nomaqocwa is survived by her mother Nombulelo, sister Pumza Tuse and brother Arthur Blackie.

The family lives in Motherwell, Eastern Cape.

Please read the full story in today’s Sunday World Newspaper – 24 April 2022.