Johannesburg University student, Peloyame Segatle spoke about surviving the accident that killed Killer Kau and Khaya Hadebe, in which she was the only survivor.

Key Points from the interview

1. Peloyame was friends with Khaya Hadebe, a DJ who died in the accident.

2. When she first met him she didn’t know he was a popular DJ.


3. Peloyame is from the North West (Rustenburg).

4. The day before the accident Khaya called her and said he had a lot of gigs that weekend. He asked if she could accompany him.

5. On the day of the accident, Khaya ordered an Uber for her to his apartment.

6. Peloyame, Khanya and Mpura then went to a Pretoria where Khaya and  Mpura performed while she sat in a room upstairs.

7. After the Pretoria gig, Thando and Tshidi joined Khaya, Peloyame and Mpura in the transport to the next club. She had never met any of the people in the car.

8. In the car, Peloyame fell asleep with her head on Khaya’s shoulder. Peloyame said one of the girls was driving the car, but she can not remember which one .

8. When she woke up, she was in the ICU.

9. The first person she saw was her father.

10. She did not know that the others had died.

11. The people who visited her did not tell her that the others had died.

12. She was in the ICU for a month and when she was watching TV she saw someone speaking about Mpura and The Voice in past tense.

13. She does not know when Killer Kau was picked up into the car because when she slept he was not in the car.

14. She was in a coma for a week and was heavily sedated for three weeks , multiple fractures, internal bleeding… Head injuries..

15. People want to know what happened but she does not know because she was asleep.

16. She had to go to physiotherapy because she could not walk.

17. Peloyame said she had survivors guilt, and had to walk through it with her therapist.

18. What made things difficult was that they were public figures.

19. A friend told her that the person they collided with had also died.

20. Peloyame said she did not respond to journalists who wanted interviews.

21. Peloyame said some people thought she was romantically involved with one of the boys, but she was just being supportive.

22. Everybody that night was happy and smiling and that’s what she remembers.

23. She has not met the family of Khaya.

24. Peloyame said the family has tried to meet her, but she does not want to be a trigger…

25. Peloyame is sad that she could not attend the funerals. Every time she misses Khaya, she writes them a letter.

26. Peloyame says she believes God has a plan for her, although she does not know what it is. She hopes to discover the plan in future.