Bob Mabena’s ex-girlfriend Zandi Nhlapho has caused a stir after revealing they were still close at the time of his death.

In a recent Instagram post Zandi Nhlapho posted a picture of when her and Bob Mabhena were still together along with a passionate message in remembrance of him.

In the Instagram post Zandi Nhlapho wrote:

“The Passion in this relationship even way after we parted. We loved to hard and fought just as hard. You could literally cut out passion with a knife. I didn’t know these pics existed. I wondered and asked where he got them from, but then again that was Bob For you. “I’m a ni*ga packed with surprises” he said. I wonder who the photographer was.”


I still can’t believe it, he’s really really gone?!


This message attracted a huge spark on social media with people accusing Zandi of being too passionate towards Bob Mabhena who was married to someone else at the time of his death.

Zandi however responded saying she would not be bullied for mourning the father of her child because even though they separated they never stopped talking passionately.

Bob Mabhena and Zandi Nhlapho shared a child together and were engaged before Bob married his wife, Eucharist.