Singer Kelly Khumalo is mostly trending for the wrong reasons. Not so long ago she had a fight with her sister Zandie Khumalo.

Allegedly when she started fighting with her sister Kelly expected her mother to take sides and stop talking to Zandie but her mother decided not to choose sides.

Kelly was not happy about this and she started bullying her mother. She would shout, yell and belittle her in front of her children.

The fight got so ugly that Kelly’s mother packed her bags and left for KwaZulu-Natal. Kelly dismissed allegations that she kicked her mother out.

“My mother left because I wanted the truth about my biological father which has always been an elephant in the room for years in my family”, said Kelly.

Kelly added that she can’t force or tell her mother who to talk to. She said her mother can talk to whoever she wants. The songstress dismissed rumours that she was disowned by her family in KZN as lies.