Doja Cat should be on cloud nine right now after her single remix ‘Say So’ which featured Nicki Minaj topped the Billboard Hot Top 100 Chart over a week ago which was the first for them to top the list.

Twitter has dug out some of Doja Cat’s old tweets resulting in her being “Cancelled”. She is trending on Twitter and there is now a #DojaCatIsOverParty.

A video has emerged where Doja Cat admitted to hating her African features and only liking her light skin features. Doja is of mixed race, her mother is American whereas her father is a South African of Zulu ethnicity.

Doja Cat has not yet admitted or denied the allegations.

There is a song by Doja Cat called ‘Dindu Nuffin’ which is a term used to mock people who commit crimes.

When they tried to cancel her in 2015, she wrote this,” I called a couple of people f*g**ts, I was in High School in 2015. Does this mean I don’t deserve support?. I’ve said f**g*t roughly like 15 thousand times in my life.”

She added, “Does saying f**g*t mean you hate g*y people? I don’t think I hate g*y people. G*y is ok.” This offended a lot of people even those who are not g*y.