There is an audio that has been leaked and it is being alledged that the voices that are exchanging words in that audio are Lady Zamar and Sjava’s voices.

The audio was leaked on Twitter. In the audio clip two voices believed to be that of Lady Zama and Sjava can be heard arguing about a deleted song they were both working on.

Lady Zamar’s voice can be heard in the heated argument saying that all she wanted was attention from Sjava during their relationship.

The songstress is heard repeatedly saying all I needed was attention from you. Sjava could be heard asking why lady Zamar deleted the vocals and her reply was, “I just doing it to get your attention”.

The leaked audio has raised eyebrows after Lady Zamar accused Sjava of raping her.

Meanwhile, Lady Zamar has disabled the comments on her Instagram photoes before she deleted all of them.