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Bushiri’s Followers Condemn Him For Visiting His Daughter’s Grave.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri visited his daughter's grave earlier this week accompanied by his wife, family and some of the church congregants. During that visit, Bushiri...

Facts Discovered At Bushiri’s Daughter Memorial Service.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has been accused of failing to raise his daughter back to life. People said the charismatic prophet has been well-known for performing...

Burial Service For Israella Bushiri To Be Held Today

The burial service of the late Prophet Shepherd Bushiri's daughter Israella is set to be held today. Prophet Shepherd Bushiri's 8 year old daughter died...

WATCH: Israella Bushiri’s Adorable Moments.

A popular African prophet identified as Shepherd Bushiri made it known through his Facebook page that his 8-year-old daughter passed away. His daughter Israella suffered...

Bushiri Blames Chakwera For The Death Of His Daughter

Malawi Prophet, Shepherd Bushiri, blamed Malawi President, Chakwera, after the death of his daughter this morning. Speaking in front of a Malawi Hospital, Bushiri said...