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Gogo Skhotheni Exposes Rich People Who Sleep With Snakes

Sangoma Gogo Skhotheni revealed on her Instagram page that she helps people who want to make money. She said these people sleep with multiple partners...

This Is What is Expected of Gogo Skhotheni’s Second Husband

Moja Love's reality television star Gogo Skhotheni introduced her boyfriend Sbusiso to her husband Monde. The Sangoma told Sbusiso that she is the one who...

Gogo Skhotheni Introduces Her Boyfriend to her Husband

On the recent episode of her reality show Gogo Skhotheni Introduced her boyfriend to her husband Monde. The reality tv star has revealed that she...

Shocking: Gogo Skhotheni Has Two Husbands

It is not common for women to marry two or more husbands. Polyandry is no popular on the African continent. However Gogo Skhotheni revealed during...