Mpho Tshuma survived murder when she was stabbed 26 times by her jealous boyfriend. Her story of survival is documented in a Showmax documentary.

She met her ex-boyfriend in Mamelodi where her friend had invited her for a chill session. She never knew that she would meet a man whom she thought was the love of her life.

Mpho said the man was kind, quiet, supportive and caring. She was pregnant at the time and he accepted the pregnancy.

What was supposed to be a beautiful love story turned into a nightmare for the 28 year old mother. She said the horror started when her ex-boyfriend asked to impregnate her but her child was young.


He started showing his true colours when he had an altercation with his mother in Mpho’s presence and later threw a bottle of alcohol at her.

They broke up for a month but he returned and she convinced him to see a therapist that way she was going to accept him back.

He agreed and asked her to accompany her, only for him to take her to his house where he locked the door and tried to end her life.

He then then tied a rope and tried to hang her but he was not successful. He then stabbed her 26 times at his house in front of his mother and sister.

He had declared that only death would separate them and nothing else. An ambulance arrived and declared her dead, another came and they managed to save her.

She was in intensive care unit for a while and her mother suffered from depression.