After the successful launch of the Real Housewives of Johannesburg and Durban, Cape Town was added to the franchise.

One of the RHOCt stars Rooksy has been accused of lying and failing to pay rent to her landlord. She has been accused of owing her landlady over R150 000.

The Real Housewives of Cape Town star allegedly failed to pay her rent for eight months. Rethabile revealed that Rooksy rented her home in February 2020.

She was supposed to pay her deposit but she came up with a story and they allowed her to stay. She allegedly bribed Rethabile and her husband with clothes from her boutique.


When they tried to evict her it was during the lockdown and the law could not allow them to do so.

Rethabile revealed that the reality television star only moved out after the water was disconnected from the house.

She said they couldn’t find her, they only saw her on The Real Housewives of Cape Town claiming that she has millions.