Religious groups are still consoling families of the 21 young people who lost their lives at Enyobeni tavern in Scenery Park, East London in the Eastern Cape over the past weekend.

Zolile Ngewu, who is the Arch Deacon of the Anglican Church who spoke to SABC NEWS, sent his condolences to the bereaved families.

The youth of Scenery Park in East London are calling on sectors of society to come up with a multi-pronged approach to curb underage drinking and drug abuse.

The youths want a permanent solution to end these social ills.


This comes as the area is in mourning of the tragic deaths of 21 teenagers at Enyobeni tavern.

The tavern has since been closed and a criminal case has been opened against the owner.

A mass funeral will be held on Wednesday, may their souls rest in eternal peace, our deepest condolences to all the bereaved families.