Authorities are still investigating the deaths of 21 youngsters who passed away at Enyobeni tavern in Scenery Park, East London in the Eastern Cape.

So far a stampede has been ruled out as the cause of deaths. A young musician, Brian Mapasa who was performing at the tavern spoke to ENCA NEWS.

Mapasa said he was booked to perform at the tavern and the event had been promoted for weeks thus many people were in attendance.

He revealed that he arrived at around 11pm since he was booked to perform at 12am.


He said the venue was overcrowded, bouncers were busy trying to stop more people from entering.

He added that as a way to try to control the crowds the doors were closed and it made the situation worse as people struggled to breathe.

Mapasa also mentioned that the tavern has no windows and a substance was sprayed on people.