Kwaito musician Thebe Mogane and his wife Dioca have dissolved their “in community of property” marriage and replaced it with “out of community of property”.

The couple has been married for 21 years and they amended their marriage at the Johannesburg High Court.

They lodged the status of their new marriage at the Deeds Office. The two got married in community of property in Pretoria in August 2021.

They got married without getting proper legal counsel about the consequences of the status of their union. They said they were ignorant as to the meaning of marriage out of community of property.


Thebe told the media that they didn’t know the advantages and disadvantages of marriage out of community of property.

He added that the other reason why they wanted to change the status of their union was because they wanted to expand their individual business empires.

Thus by changing their marriage status they would  be protected from uncertainties. The pair may also acquire inheritance from their families which they need to keep separate.