3 Giyani men arrested for Tinder extortion

    South African Police have revealed that three Giyani men have been arrested for sextortion of victims that they met on Tinder and Instagram .

    The latest man to be arrested is Rivalani Manganyi (23), who was arrested on 30 March by a multi disciplinary operation after his victim had already paid R15 000.

    Manganyi, who was posing as a pretty young woman, Beslin, met a 17 year old Cape Town man on Tinder.

    The two exchanged explicit pictures which Manganyi used to blackmail the teenager.


    The Stellenbosch crime investigation department told the Sartuday Star newspaper that two other suspects from Giyani, Limpopo were previously arrested for similar crimes.

    Young individuals are groomed and taught how to conduct sextortion.

    Please see the full statement by the Investigator below.

    Suspect arrested 31-03-2022

    We arrested a suspect in Soweto, Diepkloof relating to a extortion syndicate operating in Giyani and Soweto.

    This suspect was identified on a previous operation led by Royal Investigation. We embarked on a official entrapment in partnership with Western Cape Crime Intellegence and Stellenbosch Detectives in the Soweto precinct.

    Based on our previous surveillance and investigation we provided irrefutable evidence to motive a section 252(A) undercover operation authorized by the Provincial Commissioners office and executed to perfection.

    The suspect is currently in transit to Cape Town where he will make his first appearance on Monday. We will avail ourselves for further investigations and testimony to secure a guilty verdict and direct imprisonments should the case go to trial.

    Special Thanks to Detective Captain Adams (Stellenbosch cluster commander) and the CIG operatives who cannot be named for obvious reasons.

    We dedicated to bring Justice for our clients, we need the assistance from SAPS and forge a good working relationship to achieve our common goal.

    We on our way back to Cape Town……see you again Johannesburg!!!!

    Accused person: Rivalani Bruce-Lee Manganyi

    Accused person made his first appearance In the Stellenbosch Magistrate court on charges of extortion after an operation in Soweto which led to his arrest.

    I had a meeting with the Detective today and made a plea for the state to appose his bail on ground set out in the Criminal Procedure Act 51 of 1977:

    (a) We believe there is a likelihood that the accused, if he’s released on bail, will undermine the Justice system and evade his trial.

    (b) The accused will be impossible to be traced and prosecuted should he be released on bail.

    (c) The court cannot be satisfied that the interest of justice permit his released.

    I spent 2-3 weeks to track down my suspect, we build a SOLID case against him, no Attorney will advise him to go to trial given the case we have against him, unless he wants to gamble…..!!!

    NO BAIL !!!!!