TS Galaxy player, Khayelihle Shozi, Former Sundowns player Khayelihle Shozi who was found three weeks ago after being missing for months will not be accepted back to TS Galaxy after the end of his loan term at JDR stars.

TS Galaxy chairman, Tim Sukazi told soccerladuma that he has stopped sending money to Shozi ‘s brother because he suspects they want to scam him.

Sukazi said after JDR Chairman, Nditsheni Nemasisi received some pictures of Shozi, Nemasisi started sending money to Shozi’s brother.

Sukazi said the brother also started asking him for money and he also sent a lot of money.


Sukazi said after a while, the brother said the family had now decided to send Shozi to a traditional healer.

After Sukazi and Nemasisi disagreed with this decision, Shozi’s brother started talking bad about the two.

Sukazi said the other strange thing is that the team knew Shozi as an orphan, but there is now a woman who is claiming to be his mother.

Shozi was reportedly being kept by the traditional healer, who was refusing to release him.

Shozi is now in Johannesburg and Sukazi says the former star will not be accepted back at the end of his loan term.

Please read the full story in today’s soccerladuma newspaper – 2 March 2022.