Today the 1st of March 2022, a funeral service was held for the late hip-hop musician Rikhado Makhado who committed suicide last week.

Amongst the speakers was his wife Bianca Naidoo who gave an emotional tribute. Riky Rick’s parents also paid their last respects to their late son.

His father thanked the late musician for preaching the message of love, unity and justice in his work and life.

He also thanked Rikhado for bringing them grandchildren, Jordan and Mike and an amazing wife, Bianca.


Mr Makhado also thanked Rikhado for accompanying him to Zimbabwe in 2008 to render help when the country was going through crisis.

His mother thanked the late musician for giving her the opportunity to be a mother. She also thanked him for his lasting lessons.

She promised to carry on with his legacy and to care, guide and love his children. May his soul rest in eternal peace.