The family of Hugh Masebenza, former Generations actor and brand ambassador for Savanna beer, have confirmed that he is indeed living destitute on the street.

Pictures of Masebenza have been circulating on social media showing him in a bad state.

Family members told the City Press newspaper that Masebenza developed mental issues after he was struck by a car in Pretoria  five years ago, resulting in his legs being broken.

The family told the newspaper that Masebenza goes to shelters in Mamelodi at night and goes into the Pretoria CBD during the day.


Masebenza was an actor on shows like Scandal, Zero Tolerance, Generations, Society, Ashes To Ashes, James’ Journey To Jerusalem Film, God Is African Film, Zulu Love Letter and Cape Of Good Hope.

Masebenza is a Drama Degree Graduate from Tshwane University of Technology.

Please read the full story in today’s City Press newspaper – 13 February 2022.