My name is Clington Temoso Mashego from Witbank Emalahleni Mpumalaga.

I was born in Graskop 1996 13 March Mpumalaga, raised by my grandmother and mother.

Growing up was an amazing experience with the love and support I got from my family.

I grew up loving music dancing around the house with the the influence of Michael Jackson who happens to be my idol.


As I grew up I had an opportunity to go boarding school, i spent most of my days alone and I had to keep myself intertained so I started singing and I fell in love with the joy and happiness I got from it.

Till then, I started singing every single day to a point where I had to be told to stop but I couldn’t but I had to make peace with it by the age 14.

I moved back to Witbank with my mother and finished my high school education at Witbank High School.

From moving in with my mother I discovered that music happened to be my calling.

From then I never wasted time I focused on my dream and moved to Pretoria to persue my own life and goals with the blessing of God I managed to work hard and staying positive.

I started going out to different clubs with the hope of chasing my dream for music and performances but there was no luck till I decided to go to Brooklyn 012 lifestyle and Dj karri was on set the same day.

With God’s grace I managed to get an opportunity to explain my love for music to him and he was so kind to meet me half way.

We exchanged numbers since from then I never stopped sending him voice notes of me singing it came to a point where he invited me to the studio and we recorded the first song by the name 012 lifestyle by God’s grace.

It was successful and I decided to ask him for another studio seccion with him.

Having a brilliant idea of coming with a new trending vocal that can make every one happy since the world has faced challenges with covid I had an idea of changing the covid wave into a song that everyone can dance to.

Dj karri played me the beat I started sneezing and laughing that’s when I started to create the vocals for trigger and it became a successful song