Former South Africa Presidency Director General, Reverend Frank Chikane (71), has denied leaking the late Kate Zuma’s suicide note.

Rev Chikane was speaking when he was being interviewed for the position of Inspector-General of Intelligence by EFF MP, Mbuyiseni Ndlozi.

Chikane said:

The reality, Chair, is that Mama Zuma decided to commit suicide, but called me before she died.


And I said, I am in a meeting, I will come in there during lunch. She said you will find me dead. So I stopped the meeting and went there.

And she got the child (Duduzane) to pull out the suicide note to give it to me.

Later, when the police started to investigate cde Zuma, I said to him:

Comrade, why don’t you let the police investigate, I mean this is a suicide case, let’s give them the letter. I got it you know – and there were witnesses when I got it, so it’s not a secret.

So we agreed and so I gave them. There was no leaked suicide note.

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