Mamkhize or Shaun Mkhize is a well known South African woman and the founder of New pls arrivals Royal AM.

On the other hand Kaizer Chiefs motaung is a former professional footballer who used to play with Pele in the US.

Kaizer Motaung is the big boss of Kaizer Chiefs, the founder of Kaizer Chiefs.

Career and Net Worth.


Shauwn Mkhize hit the ground running in the early 200’s after she invested money on property.

However she went to accumulate more money after she went separate ways with her ex husband royal Mpisane, whom she formed Royal AM after.

Now she’s owning one of the biggest teams in the PSL.

Kaizer Motaung started his footballing career as one of the most amazing talents in South African football and he later moved to the US to play for the Atlanta chiefs in the 1960’s.

After retirement he came back to South Africa and started his own team Kaizer Chiefs which is now rated the best club in South Africa.

After having such a wonderful career Mamkhize sits on a comfortable networth of over R310 000 million while Mr Motaung has a networth of $40 million meaning he’s richer than Mamkhize means his fortune is R618 5000 when converted to the South African rand.

Cars and Houses.

Mamkhize Owns a beautiful Mansion in Kwa-Zulu called LA Lucia which is currently the hottest and the biggest Mansion in Mzansi.

Her house is also blessed by the laun and a huge swimming pool and also a big garaga because this woman has cars and lots of cars.

She has a fleet of cars, from Lamborghini, G-waggon, Mercedes Benz, Nissan GTR to Mc laren.

On the other hand Mr motaung is believed to own several mansions in South Africa but he also has a beautiful white mansion in joburg which is so mouth watering and luxurious.

However when it comes to cars, the old man doesn’t brag much about his cars but he has a deal with Toyota so he can take cars whenever he wants and we have seen several Toyota cars around the soccer city stadium painted with gold and black with the Amakhosi emblem.


Mamkhize doesn’t reveal more about her love life as she divorced the father of her two children Sbahle Mpisane and her last born son Andile Mpisane.

However on the hand Mr Motaung is still married to the mother of his 4 children, Valeta Motaung and the has been together for over 40 years now.

In conclusion, Mamkhize wins this race when it comes to living a lavish lifestyle, however when it comes to business and making more money, Mr Motaung takes it all, because the old man is focused and he’s lowkey and all he cares about is making millions.