South African conman and hunk, Jacques Authur Malot (35), is on the run from police after meeting women on dating sites, gaining their trust and then stealing from them.

The Sartuday Star Newspaper reports that Malot has duped at least four women out of thousands of Rands. He told them he was a Blue Bulls rugby player.

Private Investigator, Jan Roos, told the newspaper that Malot is a master manipulator. In 2018, he was sentenced to five years in prison for four different cases, but the sentence was suspended in its entirety.

A post on Facebook also claims that  Malot stole R950 000 from his former employer, Browns Jewelery in 2014.


Antoinette Du Preez, who dated Malot for four months between April and July 2021, said Malot helped her to move to Pretoria and arrived with an overnight bag and just never left.

When she eventually asked him to leave, he pushed her and she hurt her shoulder. He only left after her neighbor responded to her screams.

Antoinette said Malot has a gun. She believes he stalked her and tried to break into her house one day at 4am.

Another three women have came forward with claims of r_ape, fraud, mental and physical abuse.

Other women have reportedly fled South Africa and are now living abroad.

Please read the full story in today’s Sartuday Star Newspaper – 29 January 2021.