City Press reports that two kidnappers of the four Polokwane Moti brothers, have been killed after they turned state witness.

This has made it impossible for Investigators to proceed with the case.

Moti home raided

This week, investigators  raided the Moti home after being granted a search and seizure order. The Motis could be arrested as the whole kidnapping story is fake.


Fake Kidnapping. 

Police sources revealed that the four boys were taken by people that are known to the family.

This after their London based uncle, Mohammed, transferred R40 million of hot money on behalf of some people through the Hawala or Hara system , which did not reach its destination. The payment was done through Habib Bank.

The people who sent the money could not open a case because the money was illegal. They then got the boys kidnapped so that Mohammed could come home and release the money.

When Mohammed came back to South Africa, he negotiated with the kidnappers directly and R50 Million was paid before the boys were released.

R45 million was paid in cash and R5 million was paid in diamonds.

The Moti family has relocated to Dubai and is refusing to cooperate with investigators.

Hello Paisa. 

The newspaper revealed that the elder brother of the kidnapped Moti brothers also owns shares in International money transfer system Hello Paisa.

The elder brother of the kidnapped Moti brothers owns shares in Hello Paisa

Family Feud

There is also a fight between two Moti brothers over money that was left by their late father.

Please read the full story in today’s City Press newspaper – 16 January 2021.