Mzansi’s favourite reality show, The Ranaka’s, premiered on Thursday, 7 January.

Viewers were left thoroughly satisfied as the the Ranaka sisters, Manaka and Dineo, got into a heated argument.

It was revealed that Manaka Ranaka cannot stand Dineo Ranaka and she brought her down to earth.

Mzansi cannot stop debating whether or not Dineo Ranaka is a toxic person or not.


Manaka, who acts on Generations: The Legacy, could not relay her thoughts in a conversation she had with Dineo because the radio presenter would not allow her to.

Dineo kept on disrupting Manaka and the fight almost became physical.

Manka even ripped into Dineo by telling her she is not as big as she thinks she is.

Another thing viewers found distasteful was Dineo’s attitude towards her sister Manaka, when she told her to shut up, before telling her that she has different children from different fathers.

Their situations are quiet similar because Dineo too has three different baby daddy’s.

In a rant, Dineo revealed that she got divorced after months of marriage because her then husband and baby daddy was not what she wanted in a man.

Dineo Ranaka revealed that she is currently single by choice and is happy about that.