Socialite and TV personality, Dineo Ranaka has told the Daily Sun Newspaper that Felicia Zwane stole R3000 worth of make up when she hired her to promote a make up brand in November 2021.

Dineo revealed details about the theft after Felicia went public, demanding to be paid for her work.

A number of Whatsapp and email messages exchanged between the two women show that Felicia was only paid R1000, instead of the agreed R550 per hour.

After being told about the theft accusations being made by Dineo, Felicia told the newspaper that Dineo should just pay up and stop making excuses.


‘Its funny that whatever is said to be Missing Is almost the amount that Dineo needs to pay me’ , said Felicia.

Felicia questioned why Dineo waited three weeks before raising the issue of missing make up.

Asked why Felicia is making the claim that she was not paid, Dineo said she suspects that Felicia wants to blacken her name because she unfollowed her on social media.

Felicia works in the retail industry does promotions on a part time basis to supplement her income.

Please see the messages exchange between Dineo and Felicia below.