The 11 year old girl, Maha Qassim, who was kidnapped at EP Baumann Primary School in Mayfair on 17 November 2020, was rescued by Police on Tuesday, in a back room at a house in a Freedom Park during a midnight raid.

Two suspects, Ayanda Kekana (50) and Fortune Kambule Ndlovu (36), appeared in court on 7 December  2020, in connection with the kidnapping and will make their second appearance on Friday 6 January 2021.

Another 40 year old man was arrested in Mozambique on 31 December and Interpol is busy with the extradition process.

The landlord at the house, Maureen Jiyane (64), told the Sowetan newspaper that a woman moved into the room in November with three children. She said the woman’s husband rarely visited.


In December, the woman’s husband paid rent for January in advance and after Christmas, Jiyane said he came and took his family.

Jiyane said on the day that the husband came to take his family, the wife ran into the house screaming that he was beating her up.

The husband left and came back with police. The whole family went away but left some of their belongings in the room.

Jiyane said when the girl was rescued, she did not know about it and she never saw the girl. She only heard that a girl was rescued at her property when people started talking about it.

Please read the full story in today’s Sowetan Newspaper – 6 January 2021.