Chaos broke out in Botswana on the 24th of December 2021, during Zodwa Wabantu ‘s performance.

Zodwa flew into Botswana for her Kanye festival performance.

A huge section of the crowd could not contain their excitement and broke the barricades.

Please watch the video below to see the chaos at the Kanye festival during Zodwa Wabantu ‘s performance. 



Security guards were kept busy as the excited crowd wanted to touch Zodwa.

Zodwa was forced to stop her performance and appeal to the crowd to stop the chaos.

You will hurt each other, please stop!

After she restarted her performance, the crowd started throwing bottles onto the stage and she stormed off the stage.

Its no longer safe for me and I got my R30 000, I am leaving now! 

Zodwa went on to perform at a local club after the chaos and said she would love to love to perform in Botswana again.

Zodwa then continued performing after the crowd calmed down.