Popular YouTuber, Owamie Netshivhazwaulu has shocked South Africans after she questioned the version of events as presented by Palesa Thembekwayo, who reported her popular husband, Vusi, for assaulting her to police last week.

Owamie, who recently finalised her divorce, said the GBV movement is entering a dangeroud era , in which any woman can say anything to harm the reputation of any man that she had an axe to grind with.

Regarding Palesa, Owamie said her story does not add up on various aspects:

  1. Why would a man just enter his house and start dragging his wife out of bed without any reason?
  2. What was Palesa doing while Vusi was packing up her belongings?
  3. Why did Palesa jump out of the car at the traffic light in Crowthorne instead of sitting in the car and let Vusi take her where he was driving her to?

Please watch the video above this post for more details.