The ruling party African National Congress is always accused of appointing dubious characters into offices. Last week parties were busy swearing in their respective Mayors.

ANC appointed 26 year old Kagisho Sonyoni as the Mayor of Sol Plaatjie Municipality, making him the youngest Mayor since independence.

However not everyone is happy with this new Mayor who is alleged to be in possession of five different identity documents with five different names with six interdicts relating to gender based violence.

Addressing the public the newly sworn in Mayor told the Councillors to put aside all their personal and political differences. ANC appointed Sonyoni so that he can inspire the youths.


Before he was sworn in EFF ward Councillor Poncho Mocwane made demands that they should deliberate on the allegations.

He wanted Kagisho to be given an chance to defend himself as the allegations could not be taken lightly.

The Sol Plaatjie Municipal manager Goolam Akharwaray brushed everything aside saying the inauguration was not the place to discuss the matter.