Socialite, Inno Morolong has gone on the attack, accusing Tebogo Thobejane of reflecting her in a bad light in the first episode of City Girls.

The episode, which was aired this week, shows Inno being prepared for surgery.

Please see the full video below.

In an Instagram LIVE shot the next day, Inno accusses Tebogo of body shaming her and making her look bad.


Tebogo responded by saying Inno is angry because she was trending for the wrong reasons after she fought with Gigi Lamayne.

Please see the video of Inno asking Tebogo to take down the video below.

In the Instagram LIVE, Inno says she was not aware that Tebogo and the doctor would publish the video. She revealed that she never signed a contract agreeing that the video should be published.

She threatened to expose Tebogo, who she said was dating a married man. She also threatened to reveal what Tebogo said about a married woman.

Please watch the videos above this post for more details.