The family of assassinated Glenda Ndlazi is seeking information on the assassin who killed the Drip Footwear MD last month.

In a message posted on social media, Glenda’s brother, Glen, said :

Information on the assassin of  Glenda Ndlazi is being requested by her brother

Good Morning

I know this is unexpected but I need your help. You may have heard about the traumatic experience that I went through of losing my sister in a mysterious hit. Glenda was shot dead at our house gate returning home from work. In our quest for justice, I would like you to use the hashtag #WhoKilledGlendain your social media platforms. Whether whatsapp, Twitter or Facebook, or Instagram, this will assist with receiving attention and also help priorities our case.


I would really appreciate your participation. I will attach her pictures, you may want to include it.

More information on who the family may be suspecting  for the assassination was included in another post that said:

According to Media reports, an investor who helped Lekau Sehoana, the founder of Drip Footwear, is demanding the transfer of 34% shares of Drip Footwear to himself, after Sehoana failed to pay a loan that was advanced.

According to Media reports, Sehoana broke the agreement and failed to pay back money that he was advanced by an investor called Alfred Mashiya.

The agreement was that Sehoana would pay Mashiya R45 700 plus 18000 interest and R100 for every pair for the first 5000 pairs sold.

Sehoana, in one of his tweets said No funders and no investors, implying that he did not recognize the claim by Mashiya

Sehoana, who said he feared for his life at the time when Glenda was assassinated, tweeted this month:

The most painful thing about Glenda ‘s murder is, she was murdered outside her home. The paranoia and trauma the family is going through is a lot. Please pray for the Ndlazi family and most specifically her mom. It’s a lot… #JusticeForGlenda #WhoKilledGlenda

It is not clear if there are other investors who are owed money by Drip Footwear or by Sehoana and how this is related to Glenda’s assassination.

Drip Footwear is now a multi million dollar company.

Sehoana recently tweeted that the company has bought their first building and head office.

Drip Footwear has also signed a R500 million endorsement deal with superstar, Casper Nyovest.

Drip Footwear has signed a R500 million endorsement deal with Cassper Nyovest