Sunday world reports that popular idols judge Unathi Nkayi, was this week fired from Kaya FM after she lied about co host Sizwe Dlomo.

The newspaper said Unathi had a heated argument with Dlomo after which she went to HR and accused him of verbally abusing her with the F word.

Dlomo denied the allegations. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the studio mic was on during the argument and Dlomo had not used the alleged words.

On the next day, Unathi, who was not aware of the recording, went back to HR and insisted that Dlomo should be punished. She threatened to unleash her lawyers on the station.


When confronted with the recordings, Unathi is reported to have claimed that they were doctored.

Unathi was brought before a disciplinary hearing, where she was found guilty and got fired.

Please read the full story in today’s Sunday World Newspaper – 21 November 2021.