Sunday Times reports that popular fitness instructor, Lawrence Masinge (40), who was murdered while conducting a live zoom session with clients  , was being followed by a strange car for over two weeks.

Masinge was killed by a lone gunman at his house and was shot 15 times while horrified clients watched.

Neighbors told the newspaper that Masinge was now using Uber to move around to avoid the car that was following him around.

The killer appeared to have been interested in something on Masinge’s phone as he took it after the shooting.


Masinge was a single father of two daughters aged 6 and 14 year old, and was not in a relationship.

His sister, Irene, said she saw the killer standing in the yard after he shot Masinge, and he pointed a gun at her.

His brother, Simon, said Masinge received death threats in 2020 , but refused to say what the death threats were about. Masinge did not report the threats to police.

Irene slammed the police, who only arrived to attend the scene after 3 hours.

Please read the full story in today’s Sunday Times newspaper – 14 November 2021.