Retired South Africans want to explore and settle in other places.

A new study by revealed where people want to retire the most.

The study used Google search data from across all languages to establish the average monthly search volume in each country.

The team looked at 142 countries as some countries did not provide enough search data to be featured.


According to the findings, South Africans ideal retirement location is postcard-perfect Mauritius.

It found that the destination offers a favourable tax system, is teeming with history and culture and isn’t too far from the shores of sunny South Africa.

Taking second place is Portugal.

South African retirees can’t get enough of the history, architecture, beaches and food scene.

Panama, in the third position, is also popular among South African retirees.

Located in Central America, the destination merges old-world charm with top tourist attractions.

Thailand, in fourth position, has long been a top bucket list destination for South Africans.

It seems many want to stay there permanently.

Thailand is appealing- boasting heritage, culture, food, adventure, wellness and more.

Australia is another destination South Africans love.

Australia is known for its open spaces, beaches and big cities like Perth, Sydney and Melbourne.