Self proclaimed Prophet Shepherd Bushiri rose to fame in late 2015 for his miracles which included making the blind see and the wheelchair bound being able to walk again.

The church members were promised a sick free life, wealth, tenders and more. In 2015 Bushiri convinced his church members to raise money so that he could build a huge church in Midrand, South Africa.

He also claimed that he is a businessman who owns mines but no one has seen those mines. Congregants were told the more money they put the more they will receive in blessings.

As leader of his church Bushiri bought himself two private jets and he also built a high end hotel in the NorthWest Province. He bought luxurious cars and invested in a lot of properties around South Africa.


They also made over R1.4 million per service and they held three services per week. In November 2020 Bushiri and his wife Mary were arrested on charges of money laundering, corruption and theft.

Bushiri fled South Africa for his home country Malawi after being released on bail by a Pretoria Magistrate. In March 2021 he lost his 8 yearold daughter.

Now people give online testimonies of how they were scammed by Bushiri who used to fill stadiums in South Africa and abroad.