Paralympian, Oscar Pistorius, will be out of jail soon as he is now eligible for parole.

The Star newspaper reports that Pistorius had been eligible for parole since July this year.

The newspaper reported that a victim – offender dialogue is being arranged between Pistorius and Reeva’s parents Barry and June Steenkamp.

The Steekamps are reported to have been taken by surprise that Pistorius was now eligible for parole as they believed he would be out in 2023.


However, it was recently clarified by the Supreme court of appeal that Pistorius ‘ 15 year jail term would be counted from 2014.

Pistorius was initially sentenced to 5 years in jail on 21 October 2014.

Pistorius killed Reeva in 2013 after shooting her four times through a locked toilet door.

His lawyer, Julian Knight, told The Star Newspaper that Pistorius is looking forward to meeting the Steerkamps.

Please read the full story in today’s Start Newspaper – 8 November 2021.