Concerns have been raised about men touching Uncle Waffles and other women inappropriately. She is new in the industry and people got worried when they saw her being held by the waist by one of the Major League Djz twins.

There were other videos where other male entertainers were seen holding her leading to tweeps opening a Space on Twitter in order to voice it all out.

Former Isibaya actress Asavela Mngqithi had a few points to share regarding Waffles being surrounded by women who have been in the entertainment industry for a long period of time.

Asavela said Waffles should be surrounded by other women who have been in the entertainment industry for long so that they can advise and protect her from industry men.


The actress said Waffles does not understand how the industry works and how things are done in the entertainment industry. She also said her PR team needs to have atleast one woman around her when traveling.

She went further to say the men in the entertainment industry take advantage of new comers and most women keep quiet because they want to be given opportunities.

Asavela urged men to understand the meaning of consent. The actress said men should ask consent from women before touching or complementing.