Church leaders in Zimbabwe have called on the government to ban media personality and radio host Somizi Mhlongo from entering Zimbabwe. Somizi was supposed to appear as a guest at the reopening of Garwe restaurant in Zimbabwe’s capital Harare.

The Church leaders said Somizi should be banned because of his s_exuality, the star is openly gay and Zimbabwean law is against gay relationships.

Mhlongo has finally spoken after being denied entry in the Southern African country. Somizi revealed that everything had been paid but the eatery then demanded a refund citing that Somizi had not advertised the reopening on his social media.

Mhlongo said posting on his social media platforms and advertising was not a mandate as he charges extra for that. He also said he could not post about the event because his phone was being repaired.


He said his job is to deliver what he is booked for and when he decides to advertise he does it out of generosity. He said he was called by many people including journalists notifying him that he had been barred from entering Zimbabwe.

Somizi said its so unfortunate that countries like Zimbabwe and Uganda were so strict when it comes to the rights of the LGBTQI plus community. He said he is so lucky to be in South Africa where the Constitution allows him to be free.

He added that stopping him from entering Zimbabwe will not change the s_exuality of those who want to be gay or those who are gay in Zimbabwe.

The former Idols SA judge said those calling for his ban should keep their country as he is not interested in visiting a country which hates who he is.