Daily Sun reported that actress Kuli Roberts was been fired by the media company she worked for as a lifestyle editor.

This came after she was announced as the African Transformation Movement (ATM) Councillor candidate in Tshwane.

South Africans are currently choosing their representatives in the ongoing local government elections. The media company she worked for found her guulty on three charges.

After a hearing, the company suspended her as they allegedly believed that she ignored the code of conduct in journalism. She breached the code on independence and conflict of interest by availing herself for nomination as a ward councillor.


Kuli Roberts was found guilty of bringing the company name into disrepute as she wanted to run as councillor for ward 65 in Tshwane under ATM.

The actress who was fired for breaking the trust between her and the company is said to have begged the media company to save her job but to no avail.

She accused ATM of using her name and profile without an agreement. She denied availing herself to be nominated as a ward councillor.